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Artist Wanted



Firstly, I am cross posting this across what seems like half of the internet. Therefore, if this is the second or third time you are reading this then please accept my apologies.


I am a Scottish writer who has had some success in the British small press and self-publishing world.


I am currently looking for any artists who would be interested in helping me produce an anthology of short superhero stories with an eye towards self-publish it through the Ronin- Studios Banner. Ideally I would be looking for between 4-8 pages of work, however I would be more than happy with between two and three pages, a pin-up or even more than eight pages J


The book would be a collection of short tales featuring my creator-owned character “The Clockwork Shadow”. I already have one complete strip in the bag which I am HOPING to have included in an upcoming edition of the Ronin Illustrated Anthology and that I can use this as a way of drawing in new readers. Therefore, the visual design of the character and his world already exists. However, I am looking to expand upon the foundations laid in this story and build up not only his world and his supporting cast but also his rouges gallery.


Style is not really an issue as I try to write towards my artists strengths and feel that this book has enough flexibility in it to allow me to go in many different directions creatively without loosing any of the books focus.


Unfortunately the best I can offer in way of recompense is guaranteed publication, a couple of comp copies... and maybe a token some of money as a symbol of my gratitude (Between 20 and 25 dollars tops).


I am not looking for any support financially and am willing to pay for the printing run, web space, advertising etc. I am just looking for hungry artists who wish to get work out there and read by people. This would be an ideal project for someone looking to strengthen his or her portfolio...I think.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and reply. If you want further information then get in touch and I will try to answer you as best I can.


Moderators etc. please accept my apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place, my intentions where not to upset people.




Kevin McHugh

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