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Writers are you thinking of self-publishing.

I am a small press writer from Britain and I am looking to meet another three like-minded writers to share the cost of a self-publishing venture.


The proposed project has no artists attached or any real theme or genre, just an idea for the physical book.


The work is creator owned and anything you bring to the table will remain the property of yourself and the artist.


The four of us, with each promoting the book on our respective blogs, forums and sites, will put up all printing and advertising costs. Likewise, the profits from the book split between the four of us. It will then be at your discretion to further divide them between your team (Artist, inker etc) as you see fit.


If this rather vague advert has piqued your interest then please feel free to drop me a line below, with a list of your influences and the type of book you would like to produce. If you have, any previously published work then please feel free to include a link or a brief bit about it.


As many of you have blogs or sites then a link to them would be useful as well.


I am not looking artists at the moment or complete projects; I am looking to start this project from a fresh without pre-conceived notions or goals.


Really, that is the fundamental purpose of this book, creating something new.


Thanks for taking the time to read this, please accept my apologies if this is posted in the wrong place and if you have read this twice.




Kevin McHugh

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