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writer, meet artist; artist, meet writer

Comics Hookups
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The purpose of comics_hookups is to bring writers and artists together. In short, that boils down to two kinds of posts:

1. Artists looking for gigs, or at least willing to entertain possibilities
2. Writers looking for artists (pencillers, inkers, letterers, whatever) on specific projects

Please limit your use of the community to these two kinds of posts, unless you have a question for the maintainer (ebess).

Rules for artists:

  • All art MUST be behind an lj-cut. Don't know what that is? Check here. If you don't put your art behind a cut, expect to be badgered once. Then expect to have your post deleted.
  • Post ONE art sample inline (behind that lj-cut, natch). If you have more to show off, feel free to link to as many offsite pieces as you like. Or link to your portfolio.
  • Keep your art sample size reasonable: 400k or less, no more than 500 pixels.
  • SEQUENTIAL PAGES ONLY. We're making comics here, after all. Unless, of course, you're only looking to do pinups or covers. If that's the case, say so explicitly.
  • Mention what kind of work you're interested in and stipulations, if any (likes, hates, only looking for paid work, etc)

Rules for writers:
  • Post about specific projects only.
  • Post a BRIEF synopsis of your project. (Guess the key word in that last sentence!) Think log lines, here. You can get into greater detail after interested parties contact you.
  • If you have a certain genre, look or style in mind, mention that, too. ("I need someone who can draw a perfect modern EC horror book" or "I'm looking for someone who's a little bit like so-and-so...")
  • Mention the time frame/deadline of your project, if applicable. If there is a concrete deadline, state it explicity (even if it's available online) so that interested parties don't have to look it up.
  • If you're working on a project with posted guidelines or other information on the Internet, include the relevant links. Don't make it hard for folks to find out more information, if it's available.

Rules for both:
  • Provide clear, explicit details on how best to contact you. Include all contact information.
  • Avoid lengthy conversations about work and projects in the comments section. It's fine to post a response that says, "You're perfect! I'm going to contact you!" if you must, but take it offline as soon as possible. Avoid putting people on the spot in public.

That's it! Any further questions, bring them up with your maintainer, ebess.